DSC_2315-3Physiotherapy for humans and animals alike, aims to restore optimal pain-free function to the body, which in turn allows better quality of life.

In order to restore this functioning physiotherapy addresses movement, posture, strength and balance.

Buy most importantly physiotherapy is not a passive treatment. Rather it’s collaborative partnership between the therapist and the patient incorporating education, advice, manual therapies such as massage and joint mobilisations, as well as an active participation in the prescribed exercise program.DSC_0243 (2)

The bodies of both humans and animals are made up of bones, joints and muscles, although the exact orientation can be very different. Humans are considered a bipedal species, as we walk on only 2 limbs, where as the majority of our domestic animals can be considered quadrupedal species, or animals that walk on all 4 limbs.

However, it is this similarity of the basic structures, the joints and muscles in our bodies, that allows physiotherapists to effectively treat a vast range of species utilising similar treatment techniques and principles.